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PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for August 2011 - Total Books Read: 96Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
Samsung comeback user manuel  Unknown  Elizabeth  
A Golden Sunbeam  Carrie Bender  Glenda  
A Joyous Heart  Carrie Bender  Glenda  
A Million Little Pieces  James Frey  James  
A New Earth  Eckhart Tolle  Kathy  
A simple guide to an organized life...  Patricia Diesel  Richard  
American History in Black @ White  David Barton  Kay  
An Invitation to Prayer for Mothers  Jack Countryman  Elizabeth  
Are Your Fired Up?  Anne Whiting  Sandra  
Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military …  Tanya Biank  Beth  
Bad Dog to Good Dog  Quixi Sonntag  Catherine  
Be my val  Betsy Williams  Glenda  
Be my valentine  Betsy Williams  Glenda  
Born to Dream  William M. Campbell, Jr  Chanda  
Complications  Atul Gawand  Glenda  
Dangerous Surrender  Kay Warren  Verna  
Dream Interpretation  Herman Riffel   Catherine  
Easier said then Done  b.r. burns  Kay  
Epic  John Eldredge  Rebecca  
Epic  John Eldredge  Shayni  
Every Young Man's Battle  Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker  Timothy  
Exploring the unknown  Reader's Digest  Lester  
Finding the Freedom of Self-Control  William D. Backus  Catherine  
Focus  Al Ries  Steve  
Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit  Thomas Keating  Mary  
Get Real Get Rich  Sarrah Gray   Glenda  
God At The Kitchen Table  Scott Cooper  Sandra  
God is never late  Stan Toler  Richard  
God's Inspirational Promises  Max Lucado  Joe  
Growing up Spiritually  Kenneth E. hagin  Marquis  
harry denman  harold rogers  Tom  
Heaven is for Real  Todd Burpo  Chanda  
Home Tonight  Henri J.M. Nouwen  Mary  
How to Be Happy: A Practical Guide  Teresa George  Catherine  
How to buy your first home  Diana Brodman Summers  Catherone  
How to Have the Relationship you Want  Rori Rayne  Sheila  
How to Live a Happy Life - 101 Ways to Be Happier  Michele Moore  Catherine  
How to stop worring an start Living  Dale Conegie  Glenda  
Hugs For Friends  Leann Weiss  Linda  
I Loved Jesus in the Night  Paul Murray  Mary  
Ignore Everybody  Hugh Macleod  Sandra  
Keep the Candle Burning  Pointe of Grace   
Keep the Candle Burning  Point of Grace  Shayni  
Left Behind  Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins  Tony  
Life would be easy ifit werent for other people  connie podesta  Beth  
Life's greatest lessons   Hal Yrban  Richard  
Lift Every Voice  Dorthy Sterling  Kay  
Live and Learn and Pass it on  many contributors  Elizabeth  
Living with fibromyalgia  Multiple contributors  Elizabeth  
Mentor, The CEO and The Kid  Tom Pace  John  
Mentor: The Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Marquis  
N.R.A. the guide to the basicis of personal …  The National Ritle Assoc. of …  Glenda  
Necessary Endings  Dr. Henry Cloud  Joe  
Nicolae  T. Lahay & J. Jenkins  Tony  
Personal Budget Planner: A Guide for Financial …  Eric Gelb  Catherine  
Playing God  Michelle Mc Hammond  Kay  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  James  
Quality Leadership and Management in the …  Robert H. Woods Ph.D./CHRE & …  Glenda  
Raising a Modern Day Knight  Robert Lewis  Tom  
Real Solutions for Busy Moms  Kathy Ireland  Mary  
Reflecting on Recovery  Tom Grafton  Steve  
Seeds Of Faith  Jeremy Langford  Mary  
Short Cut Cookie Book  Camilla V Saulsbury  Glenda  
SOD GLIADIN the ultimate defense against …  Carl Germano  Elizabeth  
Soul Harvest  T. Lahaye & J. Jones  Tony  
sparks  peter benson  Tom  
Spin Selling  Neil Raekham  Glenda  
Strength to Love  Martin L King Jr  Kay  
The 200 Best Home Businesses  Katina Z. Jones  Jonathan  
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow …  John Maxwell  Beth  
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families   Stephen Covey  Beth  
The Belmont Aaition  Marsha Jordan  Kay  
The Big Book of AA  Dr BOB and Bill W  James  
The Christian Atheist  Craig Groschel  Erick  
The Circle  Laura Day  Mary  
The Genius of Generosity  Chip Ingram  Joe  
The go giver  Bob Burg and John David Mann  Richard  
The Gospel According To Oprah  Marcia Z Nelson  Sabdra  
the greatest miracle in the world  og mandino  Derek  
The life of 50 cent  Curtis Jackson  James  
The Powell Principles  Collin Powell  Richard  
The Roots of Endurance  John Piper  Steve  
The Trickster A Study in American Indian Mythology  Paul Radin  Steve  
The Unexpected Adventure  Lee Strobel @ Mark Mittelberg  Kay  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  Gunnar  
Through thie Storm   Nettie Ann Bowman  Elizabeth  
Tribulation Force   J. Jenkins & T. Lahaye  Tony  
Trusting God in Hard Times Lesson from the Life …  Bill Crowder  John  
Ugly Ways  Tina Ansa  Kay  
Wake up you're alive  Arnold and Barry Fox MD's  Richard  
Why we Can't Wait  Martin Luther King Jr  Kay  
WISDOM ON...Growing In Christ  Mark Matlock   
With Him in Life's Struggles  Myrna Alexander  Catherine  
Your Greatest Power  J. Martin Kohe  Sandra  
Zen In the martial arts  Joe Hyams  Richard  
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