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PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for December 2016 - Total Books Read: 127Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
12 X 12   AA  Todd S. 
A Better Way to Live  Og Mandino  David N. 
A Better Way to Live  Og Mandino  Joe F. 
A Child Called It  Dave Pelzer  Richard R. 
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier  Ishmael Beah  Eric B. 
A Million Little Pieces  James Frey  Tessa K. 
Alholics anonymous   Bill w  Chezaray M. 
All Dreams Matter  Pat Carr  Tom P. 
Approval Addiction: Overcoming your need to …  Joyce Meyer  Eric B. 
Battlefield of the mind  Joyce Myer  Eric B. 
Beleiving In Magic  Cookie Johnson  Eric B. 
Breaking the habit of being yourself  Joe Dispenza  Eric B. 
But God  Herbert Cooper  Brandie S. 
Carry on Warrior, The Power of Embracing your …  Glennon Doyle Melton   Chelsea W. 
Codependent no more   Melody beattle  Chezaray M. 
Custer  Larry McMurtry  Todd S. 
Desert Flower  Waris Dirie  Tessa K. 
dream giver  bruce wilkinson  Todd C. 
Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Brad A. 
dream giver  Bruce Wilkerson  Brandon S. 
Dreams From My Father  Barack Obama  Eric B. 
Edison  Quincy Shaw  Richard R. 
England a History  R.J. White  Richard R. 
Feeling Good:The New Mood Therapy  David D. Burns M.D.  Jerremy F. 
Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Mary A. 
Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Shelia M. 
Further Along the Road Less Traveled: The …  M. Scott Peck  Tessa K. 
Galileo and Newton  William Bixby  Richard R. 
Go for No  Richard Fenton  Quincy R. 
God Moments  Alan D. Wright  Tessa K. 
Gods Power To Change Your life  Rick Warren  Karlly N. 
How I Raised Myself From Failure to Succes in …  Frank Bettger   Joe M. 
How to Win Friends & Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Jeffrey B. 
Human,All Too Human A Book for Free Spirits  Friedrich Nietzche  Nichole K. 
I wasn't ready to say goodbyr  Brook Noel and Pamela Blair  Brandie S. 
Infidel: My Life  Ayaan Hirsi Ali  Eric B. 
Kids are worth it  Barbara coloroso   Brittany A. 
Leaders eat last   Simon sinek  Chezaray M. 
Leadership and Self-Deception  The Arbinger Institute  Joe F. 
Let the Journey Begin  Max Lucado  Cheri H. 
Life in Ancient Rome  Lionel Casson  Richard R. 
Life in the Blender  SandI Patti  Sheena F. 
Make Your Place  Raleigh Briggs  Michael H. 
Mento the kid and the ceo  Tom Pace  Quincy J. 
Mentor  Tom Pace  Irene O. 
Mentor the Kid & the Ceo  Tom Pace  Chelsea W. 
Mentor the kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Mary A. 
Mindset  Carol S. Dweck  Justin W. 
Mindset  Carol S. Dweck, PH.D.  Jeffrey B. 
Mission: Success!  Og Mandino  David N. 
Mother Teresa her essential wisdom  Carol Kelly gangi  Chezaray M. 
Mother Teresa Her Essential Wisdom  Carol Kelly-Gangi  Brandie S. 
Mother Teresa-Her Essential Wisdom  Carol Kelly-Gangi  Liberty S. 
Mother Teresa: Her Essential Wisdom  Mother Teresa  Todd S. 
No Excuses  Brian Tracy  Joe M. 
No Limits: The Will to Succeed  Alan Abrahamson, Michael Phelps  Cody G. 
Not-God  Ernest Kurtz  Kassil B. 
Open  Andre Agassi  Eric B. 
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Kassil B. 
Sandler Success Principles  David Mattson & Bruce Seidman  Joe F. 
secret language of babies   sally and edwin kiester  Kassil B. 
Secrets of Question Based Selling  Thomas A. Freese  Joe M. 
Seeking Happiness -   Jenny D.  Brandie S. 
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar   Michael H. 
Selling 101  Zig ziglar  A. 
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar  Tom P. 
Selling 101  Zig Zigler  Ty V. 
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar  Cody G. 
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar  Michael D. 
Selling 101  Zig ziglar  Lori B. 
Simply Romantic Ideas  Dennis and Barbara Rainey  Joe F. 
Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads   Christine Avanti  Brittany A. 
Smart Parenting Smarter Kids  David Walsh   Brittany A. 
Soul Detox  Craig Groeschel  Cody G. 
Speed reading  Barrons  Tracy F. 
Staying Power  Van Crouch  Cheri H. 
Staying Power  Van Crouch  David M. 
Team Code of Honor  Blair Singer  Joe F. 
Team Code of Honor  Blair Singer  Justin W. 
Teamwork 101  John Maxwell  Richard R. 
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership   John C. Maxwell  Cameron S. 
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that …  Gary Chapman  Tessa K. 
The Alchemist  Paulo Coelho  Cody G. 
The Big Book  Bill Wilson  Jeffrey B. 
The Choice  Og Mandino  David N. 
The Christ Commission  Og Mandino  David N. 
The Christian Atheist  Greg Groeschel  Todd S. 
The co-parenting survival guide  Elizabeth Thayer  Brandie S. 
The compound effect  Darren hardy  Ty V. 
The Endurance  Caroline Alexander  Joe F. 
The Fairwell Christmas  William S. Shields  Jeffrey B. 
The Farewell Christmas   William S. Shields  Justin W. 
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  M. 
The Five Love Languages   Gary Chapman  Mary . 
The five love languages   Gary Chapman   Ashley L. 
The Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Joe M. 
The Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Mary A. 
The Gift of Acabar  Og Mandino  Joe F. 
The Greates Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Kimberly P. 
The greatest miracle in the world  Og Mandino  Shanna S. 
The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II, The …  Og Mandino  Joe F. 
The Greatest Secret in the World  Og Mandino  David N. 
The Greatest Success in the World  Og Mandino  David N. 
The grieving Christian  Zig ziglar  Lori B. 
The Incredible Power Of Prayer  Roger Morneau  Karlly N. 
the natural history of alcoholism   George E Vaillant  Kassil B. 
The Outward Mindset  The Arbinger Institute  Joe F. 
The Power of Habit  Charles Duhigg  Michael D. 
The Power of Positive Thinking  Norman Vincent Peale  Jeffrey B. 
The Power of Positive Thinking  Norman Vincent Peale  Justin W. 
The Richest Man In Babylon  George S. Clason  Jeffrey B. 
The Search for The green River Killer  Carlton Smith/Tomas Guillen  Todd S. 
The Selling Bible  John Lawhorn  Michael D. 
The Shack  William P young  Tom P. 
The Substance of Civilization  Stephen L. Sass  Richard R. 
The Success System  W. Clement Stone  M. 
The Success System That Never Fails  W. Clement Stone  Justin W. 
Triumph:The Untold Story of Jesse Owens and …  Jeremy Schaap  Todd S. 
Twelve Step Sponsorship  Hamilton B.  Michael D. 
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions  Bill.W  Michael D. 
Unlimited Power  Anthony Robbins  Mary A. 
Verdicts of History  Thomas Fleming  Richard R. 
What on Earth Am I Here For   Rick Warren  M. 
When God winks at you  Squire Rushness  Melissa P. 
Writing with Quiet Hands  Paula Munier  Tessa K. 
You and Your Network  Fred Smith  Michael D. 
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