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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for April 2017 - Total Books Read: 103Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
5 second rule  Mel Robbins  Cooper  
A Hope and a Future  Jack Graham  Richard  
Alcoholics Anonymous  Anonymous  Debra  
Alcoholics Anonymous  Bill .W  Cory  
Alcoholics Anonymous and Mentor the kid and the …  Bill Wilson & Dr. BOB. Tom Pace  Clifford  
Art of War  Sun Tzu  Caleb  
Battlefield of the mind   Joyce Meyer  Tom  
Book on closing  Jeffrey Gitomer  Amy  
Byzantium  Robert Wernick  Richard  
Cherokee Strip Land Rush  Jay M. Price  Michael  
Do The Work  Steve Pressfield  Karen  
Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson   Laurie  
Early America 1492-1776  Robert G. Ahearn  Richard  
Eight Ways to Keep the Devil Under Your Feet  Joyce Meyer  Chris  
Fight the Good Fight  B.A. Newman  Michael  
Fred Factor  Mark Sanborn  Laurie  
Go For No  Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz  Cory  
Go For No  Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz  Mark  
Go for No  Richard Fenton & Andrew Waltz   Laurie  
Go for no  Andres Waltz and Richard Fenton  Brad  
Go for No  Richard Fenton & Andrew Waltz  Andrew  
Go for No  Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz  Kimberly  
go for no  richard fenton andrea waltz  Connor  
Go for no  Richard Fenton & Andrea waltz  Brittany  
Go for No  fenton & waltz  Kenny  
Go For No!  Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz  Richard  
Gods Power to Change Your Life  Rick Warren  Shanna  
Habit Stacking  S.J. Scott  Melissa  
Hope Under Construction  Gene Getz  David  
Hospice Whispers. Stories of life  Rev Carla Cheatham  Melissa  
How to Bounce When Others Break  Steve Price  Mary  
How to Find Peace: A Guide for Facilitating …  Beau Norton  Ty  
How to turn your mind into a fat burning machine  Liz Schreiter  Ty  
How to win friends and influence people  Dale Carnegie  Cory  
I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse  Michael Franzese  Joe  
Key to living the law of attraction   Jack Canfield   Cameron  
Lead me holy spirit   Stormie Omartian  Tiara  
Love & Respect  Dr Emerson Eggerichs  Andi  
Love & respect for a Lifetime  Dr. Emerson Eggerichs  Debra  
Love and Respect for a Lifetime   Emerson Eggerichs  Michael  
Love Does  Bob Goff  Jeff  
Men's Health Total Fitness Guide 2009  Rodale  Ty  
Mentor kid and the ceo  Tom pace    
Mentor The Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Clifford  
Mentor the Kid & the CEO  Tom Pace  Ty  
MENTOR THE KID & THE CEO  Tom pace with Walter Jenkins  Connor  
Mentor the Kid and the CEO  Tom Pace  Brad  
Mentor The kid and the ceo  Tom pace with Walter Jenkins   
Mentor The Kid and The CEO  Tom Pace with Walter Jenkins  Cory  
Mindset  Carol S. Dweck  Debra  
Mindset  Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.  Chris  
More Than A Carpenter  Josh McDowell  Cheri  
New Life Every Day!  Stephen Arterburn  Giovanni  
Oklahoma  Tampa Orr  Michael  
One Minute Manager  Kenneth Blanchard  Michael  
Originals - How Non-Conformists Move the World  Adam Grant  Joe  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren   Laurie  
Refuge recovery  Noah Levine  Thomas  
Resisting Happiness  Matthew Kelly  Joe  
Simplify  Bill Hybels  Chris  
Straight-A conspiracy  Hunter Matts & Katie Obrian  Austin  
Ted talks  Chris anderson  Ty  
Thank You  Compendium Group  Joe  
Thank you  Dan Zandra  Michael  
The abundant life  Ray E. Baughman  Melissa  
The Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Giovanni  
The Dream Manager  Matthew Kelly  Joe  
The Five Love Languages  Gary Chapman  Mary  
The Founders Key  Larry P. Arnn  Richard  
The Four Agreements  Don Miguel Ruiz  Chris  
The Four Agreements  Don Miguel Ruiz  Amy  
The Greatest Miracle in the World  Og Mandino  Cooper  
The Greatest Miracle in the World   OG Mandino  Laurie  
The Harbinger  Jonathan Cahn  Rob  
The Heart of the Buddah's Teachings  Tich Naht Hahn  Cooper  
The ice cream maker  Suburban Chowdhury  Tom  
The Ice Cream Maker  Subir Chowdhury  Joe  
The Ice Cream Maker  Subir Chowdhury  David  
The Lost Girls  John Glatt  Rebecca  
The New One Minute Manager  Ken Blanchard  Richard  
The power of a praying wife  Stormie Omartian  Tiara  
The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children  Stormie Omartian  Joe  
The Precious Present  Spencer Johnson  Michael  
The Pursuit of Holiness  Jerry Bridges  Maile  
The richest man in babylon  George S. Clason  Ty  
The Root of Rejection  Joyce Meyer  Richard  
The Straight A Conspiracy  Hunter Maats & Katie O'Brien  Debra  
The Tale of Three Kings  Gene Edwards  Maile  
The Titans  Bernard A. Weisberger  Richard  
the treasure of santa maria  Seth anawalt  Ty  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  Shanna  
The war of art  Steven pressfield  Tom  
The war of art  Steven pressfield   Austin  
The Wonderful Ride  George T Loher  Andrew  
Treasure Discovery of True Manhood   Trent Gibson   Michael  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Albom  Shanna  
Ultimate Dumbbell Guide  Myatt Murphy  Ty  
Unbeatable Mind  Mark Divine  Michael  
Undrunk  A.J. Adams  Chris  
Unshakeable  Tony Robbins   Ty  
What's the Matter Kansas  Thomas Frank  Cooper  
Whiplash  Joi Ito & Jeff Howe  Ty  
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