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PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for October 2017 - Total Books Read: 126Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
10 Step stress solution  Neil Shah  Mary  
10 Step Stress Solution  Neil Shah  Michael  
21 irrefutable laws of leadership  John Maxwell  Jason  
5 Survivors  Tracy Stecker  Mary  
A complaint Free World  Will Bowen  David  
A complaint free world  Will Bowen  Dawndi  
A complaint free world  Will bowen  Carine  
A Complaint Free World  Will Bowen  Bridget  
A Healthy You   Lilly  Maile  
A Life God Rewards  Bruce Wilkinson   Maile  
A Redeemed People  Gilbert Stafford  Cory  
AA in Prison Inmate to Inmate  AA World Services  Brent  
Acts   Max Lucado  Cory  
Against the Stream  Noah Levine   Cooper  
Basic Christianity   John R.W. Scott  Maile  
Being In Balance  Wayne Dyer  Maile  
Biblical roads to financial freedom  Pat robertson  Cameron  
Book Of Hope  Various Authors  Maile  
Chazown  Craig Groeschel  Michael  
compaint free world  will bowen  Emake  
Darkness Visible  William Stryon   
Dont Sweat The Small Stuff  Richard Carlson  Cory  
Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers  AA World Services, Inc  Debra  
Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Justin  
Drop the Rock  Bill P., Todd W., Sara S.  Cooper  
Drop The Rock  Bill P. Todd W. Sara S.  Kristen  
Fellowship  R. Strands  Cory  
Freedom from your Inner Critic  Jay Earley  Mary  
Go for No  richard fenton  Asia  
Go for No  Andrea Waltz  Brent  
Go for no  Richard fenton and andrew waltz  Carine  
go for no  richard fenton and andrea waltz  Emake  
Gods Love For You  Billy Graham  Cory  
Grow a Pair  Larry Winget  Michael  
How to build MLM leaders  Big Al  Cameron  
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living  Dale Carnegie  Bridget  
Its Not About Me  Max Lucado  Cory  
Just Shut Up and Do It  Brian Tracy  Shanna  
Key to living the law of attraction  Jack Canfield  Chelsea  
Know yourself, Forget yourself  Marc Lesser  Michael  
Laughing Out Loud  Andrew Horton   Cory  
Living Buddha, Living Christ  Tich Nhat Hanh   Cooper  
Love and Respect  Dr. Emerson Eggerichs  Mary  
Make Your Bed  Admiral McRaven  Mary  
Make Your Bed  Admiral McRaven  Michael  
Man's Search for Meaning  Viktor Frankel  Lewis  
MENTOR The Kid&The CEO  Tom Pace  James  
Mentor and CEO  Tom Pace  Dawndi  
Mentor the Kid & The CEO  Tom Pace  Debra  
Mentor the kid and ceo  Tom pace  Carine  
Mentor the Kid the CEO  Tom Pace  Christian  
mindset  Carol Dweck  Joshua  
Miracle Communication for couples  Jonathon Robinson   Cameron  
Move your bus  Ron Clark  Tom  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  Brent  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  Michael  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  Richard  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark   Ty  
Move your bus  Ron Clark   Cooper  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  David  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  Jennifer  
No Excuses  Brian Tracy   Lewis  
One Minute Mentoring   Ken Blanchard  Michael  
Organize your emotions, optimize your life  Margaret Moore  Mary  
Payoff  Dan Ariely  Michael  
Peaks and valleys  Spencer Johnson  Dawndi  
Power Phrases  Meryl Runion  Michael  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Ron  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick warren  Dawndi  
Purpose driven life  Rick warren  Carine  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Michele  
purpose driven life  Rick Warren  Joshua  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren   
Rebuilding  Dr. Bruce Fisher  Mary  
Road To Heaven   Bill Porter  Maile  
Secrets of closing the sale  Zig Zigler  Joshua  
Secrets of Closing the Sale  Zig Ziglar  Gary  
See You at the Top  Zig Ziglar  Bridget  
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar  Bridget  
Stop destroying your relationship   Albert Ellis  Cameron  
Stop Whining, Start Living  Dr. Laura Schlessinger  Debra  
Strategy for You  Rich Horwath  Mary  
The Christian Atheist  Craig Groeschel  Chris  
The courage to trust   Cynthia wall  Cameron  
The dream giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Dawndi  
The Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Asia  
The Dream Giver  David and Heather Kopp  Emake  
The Essential 55  Ron Clark  Tom  
The Fred factor  Mark Sanborn  Tommy  
The Greatest Miracle In The World  Og Mandino  James  
The happy couple   Barton Goldsmith  Cameron  
The Hiding Place  Corrie Ten Boom  Cory  
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Justin  
The Mentor  Tom Pace  Hannah  
The one minute manager builds high performing …  Ken Blanchard   Cameron  
The Outward Mindset  Arbinger Institute   Ty  
The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves  The Arbinger Institute  Richard  
The Philistines: Their History and Civilization  R.A.S. Macalister  Richard  
The Power of Now  Eckhart Tolle  Chelsea  
The Power of Now  Eckhart Tolle   
The Power of Positive Thinking  Norman Peale  Chris  
The Prayerful Spirit  James P. Gills  Maile  
The Psychology Of Selling  Brian Tracy  Michael  
The Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Chris  
The selling bible  John Lawhorn  Cameron  
The seven spiritual laws of success  Deepak chopra   
The Skinny Rules  Bob Harper  Mary  
The Straight A Conspiracy  Hunter Maats  David  
The Truth War  John MacArthur  Christian  
The Volunteer Revolution  Bill Hybels  Chris  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  Bridget  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  Rebecca  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  Richard  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  David  
The wisdom and teachings Stephen Covey  Stephen Covey/ Free press  Michael  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  Bridget  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  Daniel  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon HIll   
Think and grow Rich   Napoleon Hill  Austin  
Think Better Live Better  Joel Olsteen  Chris  
Think Better Live Better  Joel Osteen  Debra  
Trust issues   Jessica Riley   Cameron  
What more can I say  Dianna Booher  Mary  
Who switched off my brain  Dr. Caroline Leaf  Amy  
You and Your Network  Fred Smith   Bridget  
You are a badass: how to stop doubtinc your …  Jen sincero   
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