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PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for December 2017 - Total Books Read: 113Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
12 Steps and 12 Traditions   AA Press  Cooper  
31 days of praise   Ruth myers  Brittany  
8 Choices that will change a woman's life  Jill Briscoe  Angela  
8 habits of Love  Ed Bacon  Gary  
A complaint free world  Will bowen  Michelle  
A Complaint Free World   Will Bowen   Holly  
A complaint free world  Will bowen  Angela  
Act like a lady think like a man  Steve Harvey  Carine  
Alcoholics Anonymous Basic Text  Bill Wilson and others  James  
Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book  Bill Wilson and others  James  
Attitudes of gratitude   M.J Ryan  Cameron  
Because of Bethlehem  Max Lucado  Chris  
Beyond boundaries  Dr. John townsend  Michelle  
Blessed in the darkness  Joel olsteen.   Cameron  
Breakfast in Paris lunch in Rome dinner in London   Phil g. Giriodi  Michelle  
Breathe You Are Alive  Tich Nhat Hanh   Cooper  
Calculating The Cosmos  Ian Stewart  Ty  
Complaint Fee World   Will Bowen  Christie  
Cosmic Christmas  Max Lucado  Richard  
Divine Direction  Craig Groeschel  Angela  
Divine Direction   Craig Groeschel  Dale  
Do the work!  Steven Pressfield   
Drop the rock  Bill p Todd w Sara s  Emake  
Enjoy Your Journey  Joyce Meyer  Debra  
Escape from Intimacy  Anne Wilson Schaef  Bridget  
Extreme Ownership  Jocko Willink and Leif Babin  Kyle  
Fight  Craig Groeschel  Dale  
Foundations of the sunnah  Dr. Raver ibn harder al madkhale  Emake  
Giving it All Away.and Getting it All Back Again..  David Green w/ Bill High  Dale  
Go for No  Richard Fenton / Andrea Waltz  Christie  
Go for No  Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz  Angela  
Go for no  Richardfenton and andrea waltz  Dale  
Go for no  Richardfenton and andrea waltz  Christian  
Heart Ablaze   John Bevere  Mary  
Heaven is For Real  Todd Burpo with Lynn Vimcent   Dale  
His fiotsteps, my pathway  Roy Lessin  Melissa  
His princess  Sheri Rose Shephrd  Adrian  
How to Bounce when others break   Steve Price  Mary  
How to live bigger than you ever imagined:BIG  Jerod smith   Brittany  
How to sit  Tich Nhat Hanh   Cooper  
I Am Malala  Malala Yousafzai  Debra  
I Am Malala  Malala Yousafzai  Bridget  
Just for Today   Dr. Orbra C. Hulsey   Holly  
just for today  dr. Orbra C. Hulsey  Audrey  
Killing Jesus  Bill O'Reilly Martin Dugard  Bridget  
Leadership and Self-Deception   The Arbinger Institute  Tyler  
Leading with questions   Michael Marquardt  Cameron  
Little Red Book of Selling  Jeffrey Gitomer  Kyle  
Little Red Book of Selling  Jeffrey Gitomer  Steven  
Living Sober   AA Press  Cooper  
Love and Respect   Emerson Eggerichs   Mike  
Love and Respect  Emerson Eggerichs   Mary  
Magic Ladder to Success  Napoleon Hill  Chris  
Mentor  Tom Pace  Angela  
Mentor the kid and the ceo  Tom pace  Jesse  
Mentor: The CEO and the Kid   Tom Pace   Holly  
move your bus  ron clark  Kenny  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  Gary  
move your bus  Ron Clark  Joshua  
Move your Bus  Ron Clark  Mary  
Power and Terror  Noam Chomsky   Cooper  
Power Phrases  Meryl Reunion  Mike  
Purpose Driven Life  Rick Warren  Jacob  
purpose driven life  rick warren  Dale  
Purpose driven life  Rick warren  Jesse  
Quiet Reflections in a Busy World  Renewing Minds Press  Gary  
Rebuilding   Bruce Fisher  Mary  
Rejection Proof  Jia Jiang  Kyle  
Selling 101  Zig zigler  Michelle  
Selling to Big Companies  Jill Konwrath  Mike  
Serial Winning  Larry Weidel  Kyle  
spin Selling   Neil Rackham  Jalal  
Stand Out  Dorie Clark  Michael  
Start Something that Matters  Blake Mycoskie  Tom  
Start Something That Matters  Blake McCoskie  Richard  
Thank You in appreciation of you and all that …  various  Rachel  
The 10X Rule  Grant Cardone  Kyle  
The 5 love languages   Gary Chapman   Brittany  
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen R.Covey  Asia  
The Book of Joy  Dalai Llama and Archbishop …  Kyle  
The Career Playbook  James Citrin  Michael  
The Dream Giver  Bruce Wilkinson  Kyle  
The generosity factor  Ken Blanchard   Cameron  
The Go-Giver  Bob Burg   Cameron  
The Holy Spirit "Your Comforter, Helper and …  Wendell Parr  Christie  
The Last Lecture  Randy Pausch  Carine  
The Magic  Rhonda Byrne  Carine  
The Mentor The CEO  Tom Pace  Christian  
The Monk who sold his Ferrari  Robin Sharma   
The No Complaining Rule  Jon Gordon  Debra  
The Outward Mindset  The Arbinger Institute  Brent  
The power of positive thinking  Norman Vincent Peale   Michelle  
The Power of Positive Thinking  Norman Vincent Peale  Gary  
The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many  Noam Chomsky   Cooper  
The Psychology of Selling  Brian Tracy  Mike  
The Purpose Driven Lifew  Rick Warren  Audrey  
The Sale Begins When the Customer Says No  Elmer G. Letterman  Bridget  
The silent language of leaders  Carol Goman  Cameron  
The Spellbinder’s Gift  Og Mandino  Chris  
The Truth War  John MacArthur  Debra  
The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions  main author is Bill Wilson  Christie  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  Chris  
The War of Art  Steven Pressfield  Carine  
Think and grow rich  Napoleon hill  Jake  
Think and grow Rich   Napoleon hill  Michelle  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  David  
Think and grow rich  Napoleon Hill  Mary  
Thinking for a change  John C. Maxwell  Gary  
Thinking for a Change   John C Maxwell   Steven  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Albom  Richard  
What on Eart Are We Here For  Rick Warren  Bridget  
What on Earth are my here for  Rick warren  Carine  
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