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It Pays to Read

PaceButler Corporation is a learning organization where reading is encouraged. Our employees read a large variety of books, including self-improvement, family, financial and spiritual.

Since the 1990s, PaceButler Corporation has promoted reading by paying each employee $10 per non-fiction book they read. Since the inception of our Reading Program, our employees have read thousands of books.

We post every book our employees have read to allow them to share their insights, knowledge and lessons they learned, as well as how the book has influenced them. The results have been interesting, rewarding and in some cases, life-changing for everyone involved.

Books Read for November 2020 - Total Books Read: 53Previous Months »

Title Author Reader
A Complaint Free World   Will Bowen  Stefanie  
A Complaint Free World  Will Bowen  Kristin  
A Complaint Free World  Will Bowen  Samuel  
A Higher Call  Adam Makos and Larry Alexander  Alex  
Atomic Habits   James Clear  Amanda  
Cant Hurt Me  David Goggins  Briana  
Challenges: Blueprints for a Genuine Faith  Barron H. Cheek  Mary  
Choose To Be Happy  Swami Chetanananda  Kristen  
Daring Greatly  Brene Brown  David  
Dinner with a Perfect Stranger  David Gregory  Amy  
Do the Work   Steven Pressfield  Brandon  
Dream Giver   Bruce Wilkinson  Tye  
DreamGiver   Bruce Wilkinson   Ashley  
Fred 2.0  Mark Sanborn  Brandon  
fred factor  mark sanborn  Prentice  
Go for No!  Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz  Justin  
Good Company   Arthur Blank  Brad  
Good Company  Arthur M. Blank  David  
Her  Pierre Jeanty  Shanna  
Her  Pierre Jeanty  Shanna  
How to Win Friends and Influence People  Dale Carnegie  Mary  
Just Shut Up and Do It  Brian Tracy  Tyler  
Leading at 90 Below Zero  Antarctic Mike  Mary  
Life is A-blast  James Tompkins  Tom  
Love and Respect   Emmerson Eggerichs   Ashley  
Make your Bed  William McRaven  David  
Man's Search for Meaning   Victor E Frankl  Tom  
Mary Poppins  PL Travers  Tom  
Move Your Bus  Ron Clark  Kitina  
Multipliers  Liz Wizeman  Mary  
Out of the Maze  Spencer Johnson  David  
purpose driving life  rick warren  Prentice  
Safe in the Shepard's Arms  Max Lucado  Amy  
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar  Richard  
Selling 101  Zig Ziglar  Patricia  
Staying On Top When the World Is Upside Down  Joe Tye  Mary  
The 5 Love Languages of Children   Gary Chapman  Shanna  
The Buddha Walks Into A Bar  Lodro Rinzler  Meagan  
The Compound Effect  Darren Hardy  David  
The Dream Giver   Bruce Wilkinson  Kyle  
The Founders Mentality  Chris Zook and James Allen  Tom  
The Four Agreements  Don Miguel Ruiz  David  
The Go-Giver  Bob Burg & John David Mann  Mary  
The God I Never Knew  Robert Morris  Richard  
The Kid and The Ceo  Tom Pace  Kyle  
The Mentor and the Kid  Tom Pace  Kristian  
The Power of Broke  Daymond John  Mary  
The Straight A Conspiracy   Hunter Maats & Katie O'Brien   Ashley  
Think and Grow Rich   Napolean Hill  Stefanie  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  Kristin  
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  Kyle  
Tuesdays with Morrie  Mitch Albom  Meagan  
You Call the Shots  Cameron Johnson  Mary  
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