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Recycle Phones

Recycle phones through our partner American Cell Phone Drive to Recycle your cell phones

Every year, over 100 million cell phones are discarded or replaced in the United States. Less than twenty percent of cell phone users actually recycle phones or send these back to the manufacturers for proper disposal. An alarming 10 percent of users threw away obsolete mobile phones or reported these as lost. That's 10 million used cell phones getting dumped in our landfills - every year!

Recycle phones to protect the environment

Improperly disposed cell phones pose a real threat to our health and to the environment. Cellular phones contain dangerous toxic heavy metals and chemicals like mercury, arsenic, lead, brominated flame retardants (BFR), and cadmium. Deposited in landfills, these poisonous substances can potentially leak and contaminate surrounding soil and water ways. This is why cell phone recycling is imperative.

Cell phone recycling helps conserve resources

Recycling mobile phones also help conserve finite resources like gold, coltan, etc. that are used in the circuit boards of these devices. Every recycled cell phone represents a reduction in the demand for fresh raw material, thus protecting the environment and ensuring a reliable supply of materials to manufacturers. This keeps production costs stable and makes advanced new mobile phones available to consumers at affordable prices.

Cell phone recycling is the right thing to do, and as the EPA says, it's an easy call to make. Recycle phones, today. to Recycle your cell phones

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