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"Getting your phone call earlier today was great, but the looks on the faces of those I work with was even better. Working with PaceButler to recycle old cell phones could not have been easier and the added incentive of a chance at $1000 made the process worth the time spent. Plus, we know our phones will not end up in a landfill leeching toxins into the environment. On behalf of Temple Kol Ami, thank you Jason and thank you PaceButler!"

"Thank you for the prompt turn around. I was a little skeptic of sending my 2 cell phones to a stranger, but as promised I had your check in 5 days. The amount was exactly what your web site promised. A very Satisfied Customer, Michael R."

"I already got my check from PaceButler for my old cell phones. I'm amazed at your quick turn-around and your exceptional customer service. I appreciate it and will use you again and tell all my friends."

"The overall experience was a 10, it's the 2nd or 3rd time I have donated phones to Pace Butler..."

"We did get our check with no problem. I have used your company in the past and the service is great. I also have shipped over 130 phones to your company in the past few years and have referred other people to Pace Butler. Thanks again."

"Hi Joey! I would definitely rate you as a 10 out of 10! You were very professional and we enjoyed doing business with you. Thank you for the follow up!"

"I am so busy with ordering and keeping my stores happy and well-stocked, I seem to always collect several boxes of phones I don't have time to deal with. Instead of hiring a new employee, I have found that sending these phones to PaceButler is the best way to recoup our investment in these orphaned handsets. My PaceButler Account Manager- Jessica Henderson makes it as simple as taping up the box and slapping a prepaid label on the outside. I never have to worry after that. A check is sent in short time to the accounting department, and everyone is happy. It is low hassle and high return- that's a great combination!"

"I did get my check and was grateful for it! I will definitely be glad to send in more phones when I get a pile together again. You guys have been very helpful, I really appreciate it!"

"We received the check for the phones, thank you. And thanks also for helping clean up my office. We will use your service in the future."

"PaceButler couldn't make it easier for the customer to collect cell phones. The company and it's representatives are in consistent contact with LLS and always asking what they can do to help us raise money. My experience has been nothing but positive!"

"PaceButler has been a tremendous supporter of Feed The Children. We know the people at PaceButler want to make a difference in the world and in their community. We thank them for their commitment to helping children and families in need."

"Excellent communication. Received payment quickly. Will recommend to others."

"For me it is not always about money or convenience, it is about relationships that you build with people you get to work with. I get the pleasure of working with Linda J. Barksdale, Senior Account Agent she has made the Pace Butler experience excellent. I appreciate what you do for the youth in giving books. I encourage everyone who has a cell phone store to use Pace Butler for how easy they make the whole process."

"You are most welcome. Check came in already and I have to say that I am very impressed. While we don’t typically have a lot of phones to recycle, I’m going to be offering a program to all of our employees and forward the phones to Pace Butler from now on. Thank you again and have a super day! :)"

"The shipment I sent with 41 phones was a few years' worth. I will have more in the future, though not as many. I received the check, thank you. I would rate the experience a 10."

"Working with PaceButler has been such a wonderful win/win situation for American Cancer Society as well as the "green" of America. Proceeds received from collecting used cell phones go to helping cancer patients who otherwise wouldn't have the funds for the services they need, as well as acknowledging cancer survivors. We benefit, Pace benefits, and the Earth benefits as well! This is the best fundraiser and we will continue to do this as long as we can. I appreciate Brandy for being so efficient, always staying on top of things, and offering more services than I could have imagined. She is number 1!!"

"PaceButler has always been such a pleasure to work with. Someone is always available to answer my questions and the customer service is impeccable. They are always helpful and courteous about sending boxes so our volunteers may put them in various places of business.

Our cell phone recycling program has been a great way for our volunteers to raise money with out having to dive deep into their own pockets. Since starting the program in 2005, we have raised $11,326.75. That’s enough to help pay for 226 eye exams OR 24 diabetic retinopathy laser treatments, a surgery that has increased in need over the last few years.

We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with PaceButler."

"Thank you. We did receive the check last week... We appreciate that there is somewhere for used phones to go besides in the closet or garbage. "

"Just wanted to thank you for the quick reaction. I expected to have to wait weeks to receive a check or letter telling us about the phones we sent back, and I did not have to wait longer than one week. That is great. Also, I think it is great that you are able to recycle used cell phones. A lot of these phones were just sitting here, I had no idea what to do with them.

Thanks again"

"I think the program is great, no work involved, just collect the phones, call you for pick up and wait for the check to arrive!"

"Thanks, your CEO has an interesting life story. Pace makes recycling phones so easy. Peace."

"Pacebutler cell phone buyback program is great, the only difficulty we had was finding a bigger box to put all the cell phones that we had in storage. They are in constant communication with you and answer any questions that you may have; once you receive your check you will also receive a detail inventory of the devices that you sent them. I will definitely use them next year to sell them our cell phone surplus."

"Thank you for your ongoing generosity and for being a member of The Society. Because of your generous contributions, scientists funded by the American Cancer Society are exploring new areas of cancer research and treatment technologies."

"My experiences with PaceButler has been great, my representatives are always willing to help in any way they can to make our fundraisers successful, I'M PROUD TO WORK WITH A GREAT COMPANY THAT CARES ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT, AND GIVES SUCH GREAT SERVICE."

"Wow, thanks. This is a first. I've used this company several times before through my lodge or other fund raising venues and never have they offered to set up the pick ups. Thanks much for the help."

"Please accept our sincere appreciation for your generous contribution. In these busy times, it is nice to meet people willing to help improve the lives of others, especially children, in their communities."

"PaceButler (and Jason Meador) have been very flexible, proactive and cooperative partners. They have provided tremendous support and consideration to our national mobile phone recycling efforts, and their transactional speed and transparency is much appreciated."

"Just like PaceButler I'll make this easy, quick, and efficient. I printed a label, sealed my phone in a small box, fedex picked it up, and I received a check for the exact amount I was quoted well within 5 business days. Would I recommend this company? Yes. I will most certainly be using them again myself. "

"Thanks so much! I will recommend pacebutler to my co-workers, friends and family. Rebecca, you really set a high standard for customer service. You have a real positive energy about you and take on challenging customer concerns/issues with great ease and deal with them with effortlessly. All I can say is that the company is real lucky to have you on their team. No amount of advertising places the company out and exposes them in such a positive light."

"On behalf of the Kevin Armstrong MD Memorial Sports Foundation we would like to thank you and PaceButler for providing us with a simple, yet effective way to raise funds for our organization. The Armstrong Foundation is a support organization for the Santa Ana Unified School District and the unused cell phone drive has provided a way for us to reach out to different members of the community to assist us in this fundraising effort. Getting the phones to PaceButler is convenient and the checks are received fairly quickly. We are also helping to clean up the environment.

"I have been very pleased with the service PaceButler has provided for our company. The process for returning phones is an easy process, and the checks are received quickly. I have always received a followup email making sure we have received check.

"Thank you for your check to the YWCA of Greater Portland. Your contribution helps us create opportunities for more than 34,000 women, children, families, and seniors to be safe from homelessness and violence and to live independently. "

"With cell phones being the hot contraband item at prisons and jails, what to do with the ones collected has become a real problem. Certainly we didn’t want to clutter the landfill with the phones and batteries, so when I found your advertisement in a magazine, I thought, “Wow, I’ll give this a try.”

I must tell you I was amazed at the fast and courteous service that you have provided. I was equally if not more astounded when a few days later a check arrived in the mail. I didn’t think any of the phones confiscated would be worth salvaging and were destined for the recycling chopper.

Thanks again for your commendable service."

"I have use PaceButler for buying back my used phones twice and both experiences were exceptional. I was emailed, called and informed as to the status of my shipments and payments promptly. I will continue to use PaceButler each time we update our phones in the future. Thank you for the great customer service."

"Your gift will help ensure the survival and healthy development of the 3.6 million people, including 800,000 children under age five, threatened by acute malnutrition in Nuger as a result of the ongoing food crisis. On behalf of the many lives you have touched, thank you for sharing in our mission."

"I would recommend this program to anybody looking to recycle old cellular phones. Everyone who works there is friendly and available to talk to when needed. It's a great company, easy to do, and great for the environment. "

"The service from PaceButler is top notch. Within a week of sending out the phones we have a check in our mailbox!"

"Our Church collects phones and electronics for part of our recycling effort. We use the money gained to help needy families in the area. I want to commend Suzanne Whitson for heads up service and mentoring me through the process the first time. Her patience and perseverance was needed and appreciated. I thank you for your service!"

"Working with PaceButler has saved the State of South Dakota budget by purchasing electronic items that would have cost the state to dispose. The service provided by PaceButler is a simple process that is to use and the returned revenue is as quick as I’ve worked with. The pre-paid shipping is also a saving to us. This office appreciates working with PaceButler and will continue to do this type successful business in the future."

"PaceButler exemplifies what great customer service should be. We boxed up our phones using the easy, step-by-step instructions they provided. And when we discovered another phone, we called them to find out how to handle that situation. Their communication through phone and email was friendly, fast and responsive. We highly recommend PaceButler."

"That’s all the phones I have for now. Your service was a 10. Thanks!"

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how well PaceButler handled the purchase of our old cell phones. The shipping was free, and immediately after placing the order I was contacted about it and how my order would be processed. The check arrived promptly a few days after with no issues whatsoever. In the future, I will definitely use Pace Butler again to sell back our used wireless phones. Thanks very much for making this a very easy process."

"PaceButler is simply easy to work with. Send them your cell phones and they will send you your check based on their listed price."

"Our church youth group has been using your company for collecting cell phones as a fundraiser. You have provided the collection boxes for us to display, and when we have a significant number of phones, we send the phones to you with the mailing labels which you have provided - not even costing us the shipping. We have been pleased to participate, and the money has greatly benefited our youth ministry."

"We wish to express to you our sincere appreciation for your cash contribution. Supporting Children's Miracle Network hospitals with your contribution is the most effective way to save lives of children throughout North America. "

"I have been lucky enough to deal with PaceButler Corp. for over a year now. PaceButler has provided me with an account representative, Brandy Sprague, that has gone above and beyond to meet all of my needs. Ms. Sprague has made my experience with Pace Butler a professional and enjoyable experience. Pace Butler has been both prompt and helpful in tracking my units and funds as I have requested. I hope I have been as valuable to PaceButler as they have been to me."

"I was introduced to PaceButler almost two years ago by an advertisement in the Skymall magazine on an airplane. I had many used cellular telephones that I had no idea what to do with. I didn't want to throw them away and decided to give Pace Butler a try. Since my initial contact, it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with them. They provide pre-paid FedEx shipping labels, all you have to do is prepare your package for shipping, place a label on the package and drop it off at your local FedEx store and within a week to 10 business days, a check is in your mailbox. No hassle and worry free, PaceButler is by far a company that I will continue to support."

"PaceButler and more specifically, my representative, Suzanne Whitson, were extremely helpful when I recently decided to trade in my unused cell phones. Not only was Suzanne extremely prompt in her responses to my questions, she also arranged for my cell phones to be picked up from my house, and she took the extra step to ensure that I had a pleasant experience by her excellent follow-up after I received my check (which arrived very quickly!). There is no question that I will choose to work with Pace Butler the next time I trade in my cell phones and you can be sure that I will call on Suzanne's assistance, as well!"

"It has been a pleasure working with the PaceButler Corporation. Everyone is helpful and interested in the good that is being done through this service. My project is to raise money for food, gasoline and other neccesities for the Senior Citizens Center in amon, Puerto Rico. The person who is my contact is Melissa Cantrell and she is very thorough regarding the service provided."

"We so deeply appreciate your commitment to assist us in our work with abused and neglected children, and we want you to know how tremendously important you are in these efforts. Thank you for your enormous heart, your altruistic compassion, and for the difference you are making in so many little lives. Blessing!"

"We have been collecting cell phones for over a year and have found it to be a very lucrative venture, with no upstart or fundraising costs. This is a great service to our nonprofit!"

"I have been using PaceButler for about two two years now and I have nothing but great things to say. Their prices are super competitive, turn-around time for payment processing is very quick, and the customer service is top-notch. I have used other cell phone buying companies before I discovered PaceButler, but they don't even come close."

"I have used PaceButler for buying back my used phones three times now. I was emailed, called and informed as to the status of my shipments and payments. I will continue to use PaceButler when I need to recycle my phones. Checks are received quickly and the follow up is terrific. They even take the time to call to make sure you received your check. They are a pleasure to work with and the process is simple."

"Yes this was a very easy and pleasant transaction, I had my old Cell phones just sitting around not being used and when I discovered your ad in a magazine I decided to check your company out. I was very pleased with how quick and easy it was to find out the value of my old phones right on your website. All instructions to send phones in were easy to follow and all postage was paid as well.

I also received a phone call directly from PaceButler, they were just checking to make sure I had everything I needed to send phones in and that I understood the whole transaction. I really felt taken care of and that this company genuinely cared about my satisfaction.

I received my check within a couple days of sending my phones in. I will recommend PaceButler to everyone."

"I'm glad those cell phones will get recycled properly. The service at PaceButler would be a 10 you did everything right!"

"We received your generous donation of books entitled,"The Purpose Driven Life." What a blessing! "

"In an effort to get rid of unused inventory of cell phones, the service you provided was very helpful and your assistance was timely. Initially our company had not heard of the services so it was a benefit to us."

"We truly appreciate your gift and your support of our mission to feed hungry babies in their time of crisis. You are helping us to make a difference."

"Your recent donation enables us to offer many programs for the men, women, and children who have become victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault."

"I loved the experience they sent me a FedEx label through email with a price list for all phones I gather them up and shipped them off had money back in less than 4 days. People in my office saw easy it was and now they want to do it with their old phones."

"I was completely satisfied with PaceButler Company in regard to selling all my old cell phones I no longer need. Pace made the process very easy and straight forward, I received my check quickly and would definitely use them again.

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, volunteer and staff of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), please accept my sincere thanks for your donation in support of The Vandevelde's and the Ride to Cure Diabetes. This contribution is greatly appreciated and will be used to support vital research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes."

"Thanks again for the call this morning. As I mentioned during our phone conversation I was really pleased with how easy your system is to use. I am a DIY kind of person, and was able to send your company about 20 basic phones, fill out the very short form and shipping labels PaceButler provided me with without ever having to call your customer service line. That is very important to me since I don’t always have time to call and wait for a customer service rep. Plus your on-line pricing list made it that much easier for me to calculate what we would get back from your company for the phones. Also, your pricing seems to be very fair as you guys seem to offer the most for they types of devices we sold to you.

I usually get 1 to 2 calls from your company, and had never used you all until this year, so to say that your service was very easy and hassle free to use is kind of a big deal! But it was! Please let me know if I can help you with anything else."

"PaceButler is an important part of our company's recycling initiatives. They are fast professional and easy to work with."

"I, Lois Goetz, as a representative of the Sun City Posse, am grateful for the opportunity to express how pleased the Sun City Posse has been with our association with Pace Butler. As the Sun City Posse is an all-volunteer organization and operates solely on donations, the amount that has been remitted to us has been invaluable in helping the Posse maintain expenses."

"Our experience with PaceButler was friendly with a fast turnaround. We had no issues. The process was "a no brainer". I recommend Pace Butler to anyone. A Company you can count on. Thank you PaceButler "We have you on file.""

"I have received the check and submitted it up to our accounting department. Thank you for all your help and if we ever do any phone swap outs in the future we will definitely reach out to you again. Thanks."

"My experience with PaceButler has been a positive and professional experience. PaceButler is a great way to recycle old cell phones and possibly make some money doing so. PaceButler employees are knowledgeable, courteous people with a fast response times and quick delivery of payment making recycling cell phones less of a task making my job easier.

Thank you PaceButler you make recycling fun."

"Thank you for your existence. I was worried about throwing away my old cell phones into a land fill. I knew eventually someone would be able to take them and put them to good use. Heck, I would have sent them to you for free, BUT YOU PAID ME FOR THEM. Unbelievable.

Rest assured that I have notified everyone, I mean everyone, I know...... and a few at a coffee shop one morning that probably suspected I was associated with your company.

Your service was outstanding. I received a phone call and an email after I filled out the form on the website to see if I needed any further assistance. Then, after I received the check I got another call to see if I got it. Wow !

As long as you're around, I'll be sending you my old cell phones. Thanks."

"We had a wonderful experience with PaceButler. Suzanne explained everything and made it so easy. We even had a check in our hands within days. I would definitely use them again!"

"At first I was reluctant to spend a bunch of time packing up my outdated cell phones, since so many of these “deals” are bogus. But after I saw PaceButler’s ad in a travel magazine and then checked their website, I figured why not. I emailed PaceButler for instructions and the very next day received a kind email from Suzanne Whitson saying she’d send a prepaid FedEx label and would schedule pickup as soon as I emailed back the box was ready. After FedEx made the pickup, Suzanne emailed saying the pickup was complete, then when my cell phones arrived, she emailed the fact of their arrival. I’d absolutely recommend PaceButler and Suzanne Whitson’s outstanding customer service to anyone."

"I was very glad with the service PaceButler provided with great customer service, one week I packed and after a couple days I receive a check fast and easy."

"PaceButler provided fantastic service during the sale of my outdated cell phones. The personal attention, quick turn-around time, and professional attitude exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them highly to all."

"Praises to Suzanne Whitson and The PaceButler Company. I was provided a label to ship my phones, and that very same day Suzanne called FedEx to have pick up for the following day. This all being on a holiday week, I received my check within 5 days! Extremely fast and very courteous service. I am, at this time, using Pace Butler's services for the 2nd time. I will continue to use their services in the future. It was a very simple process with no hassles or problems at all!!! Suzanne is wonderful at returning phone calls and emails within just minutes. Thanks so much!!!"

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